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Rhode Island – Alimony

In Rhode Island, alimony is a rehabilitative tool intended to provide temporary support until a spouse is self-sufficient, and is based purely on need. Giammarco v. Giammarco, 959 A.2d 531, 535 (R.I. 2008). In determining whether alimony is appropriate, the court first makes the assignment of property under the divorce (divides the marital property). This division of marital property occurs before the court makes the alimony determination because the needs of each party will be affected by the equitable distribution of the marital estate. R.I. Gen Laws §15-5-16.1(c).

In determining the amount of alimony (if any) a person will get, the court is required to consider:

(i) the length of the marriage;

(ii) the conduct of the parties during the marriage;

(iii) the health, age, station, occupation, amount and source of income, vocational skills,  and employability of the parties; and,

(iv) the state and the liabilities and needs of each of the parties.”

Vicario v. Vicario, 901 A.2d 603, 611 (RI 2006).

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